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Salvage Inspections1. We will start out with the obvious, a cracked or starred windshield. 90% of the rollover capability of a newer vehicle is an intact windshield. There is also the question of energy transfer, this is where the vehicle transfers the kinetic energy from a front end collision over and above the occupants of the vehicle.

2. An airbag (SRS) or ABS idiot light problem. The SRS and ABS idiot lights, in most vehicles, come on and stay on for 7 to 13 seconds then go out and stay out. If the lights do not come on the vehicle will be failed. If the lights stay on the vehicle will be failed. In older model cars (except for the Ford Probe) the lights have to self checked independently. In the more modern cars the idiot lights can go out at same time.

3. The tires on the vehicle must be in good shape. The cords of the tire can not be showing and the wear on the tires cannot be down to the wear indicators. These are located in the valleys of the tread of the tire and indicate how much wear the tire actually has on it.

4. The repairs done to the vehicle. The repairs have to be done with OEM or aftermarket parts. No sheet metal screws, no rivets and if adhesives are used the metal has to have the paint removed to allow the adhesive to stick to the metal. The body filler has to be used to a minimum (you cannot create a fender out of body filler). If the vehicle is sectioned and is a 2007 and newer you must provide a sectioning sheet. See vehicles 2007 or newer in the left column.

5. Make sure that all four tires are evenly separated from the body. In other words, you are allowed 6 mm of play between all four tires. If one tire is set back, the vehicle needs to be put on a frame machine and pull. The best way to determine that is with a tape measure or a ruler. Measuring the distance between the vehicles body and the back or front of the tire.