You can contact me by phone at 678-544-7974, fax me at 1-877-743-3870 or by E-mail at .

PaperworkHaving trouble filling out your GA Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork? Let me help you to find the right forms, whether it is a simple MV-1 application for title or a more complex salvage vehicle application, I can do it all for a nominal fee of $25.00. All you have to do is fax the front and back of your title, a copy of your drivers license, your mailing address, if different from your drivers license address and a contact number (preferably a mobile number) to 877-743-3870 or you can e-mail me at   with the information. I will contact you at the number that you provide to conduct a payment by credit card and send you a receipt, if you provide a mobile number. I will then send you an e-mail with the correct forms, filled out with your information, as an attachment, from which you can then print them out and send them into the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles along with the appropriate fees you need to pay to the State, which I will let you know what they are in the e-mail. These fees should be in the form of a check or money order payable to the Georgia Department of Revenue.