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Kit CarIn an assembled vehicle inspection you will need a T-22R request for inspection attachment, an MV-1 GA tag and title application. If it is a kit car or kit bike, an MSO that came with the vehicle properly filled out in your name. A T-172 inspection report and T-129 parts and labor statement attachment. A parts vehicle VIN (proper cancellation of the parts vehicle title if used). Parts bill's made out to you or the rebuilder of the vehicle. At the time you mail your paperwork, you need to provide two estimates of the fair market value of the vehicle. The higher estimate will be used to determine your TVA Tax. If the vehicle is homemade you must provide parts bills for the material used to construct the vehicle. And a check or money order made out to the Georgia Department of Revenue for $143.00, if the vehicle is a kit bike and $168.00, if the vehicle is a kit car. Also if a kit bike, you'll need an MV-100 attachment. This attachment states that if a federal law is passed by Congress that you are allowed to build one assembled motorcycle in your lifetime and that all the other assembled motorcycles you have built become parts vehicles and their titles will be recalled.