You can contact me by phone at 678-544-7974, fax me at 1-877-743-3870 or by E-mail at .

  • Application for a certificate of title form MV-1
  • Salvage/rebuilt certificate of title assigned to applicant.
  • Parts and labor statement form T-129
  • Receipts for all parts replaced in applicant's or rebuilder's name
  • A minimum of one photo of the vehicle prior to the repairs (in the wreck condition)
  • A copy of Used Motor Vehicle Parts Dealer's License (Rebuilders License) or
  • If an owner retain salvage vehicle or individual purchase, provide drivers license number
  • Salvage Vehicle Inspection Report form T-172 or a SAVI report
  • A copy of the Salvage Vehicle Inspectors Registration


And then make copies of everything and mail everything along with the fees to:

Attn: Salvage Unit

Motor Vehicle Processing

Department of Revenue

PO Box 740384

Atlanta, GA 30374-0384

 (If you are asked for your customer number, that would be your driver's license number or if you are a licensed dealer it would be your dealer's license or if you are a license rebuilder it would be your UP number.)